I'm not just a photographer, I'm first and foremost and a Photographer/Artist, but I also play a secondary role that most photographers do not. I second as a Day of Coordinator when present for the scheduled time. 

Secondary duties/responsibilities:

Assisting in the process of creating a timeline for the Wedding Day
Meet & Greet all Vendors
Keep timeline on track
Keep Vendors updated on timeframes throughout the day as well as getting time sensitive information
Keep everyone on Track with timeline including Bride & Groom
Managing the flow of information to alleviate stress from Bride & Groom
Assist with giving any cinema team (if hired) direction throughout the day.


Wedding Packages come with:

  • 6-8 Hours of photography (depending on package) (one or two photographers)
  • 100's of Fully Edited Photographs
  • Online Gallery (Order, View, Share)
  • Print Rights
  • 4-7 Business day return time on average

Minimum Package - 

  • One Photographer
  • 6 Hours

Fully Loaded Package - 

  • Two Photographers
  • Engagement Session
  • 8 hours of photography


  • 8 hours
  • One photographer, ROGUE Film Co.'s Protege
  • Engagement add on for $350




Memories are important to have documented well, that's why here at ROGUE Film Co. we make your investment worth the cost. Every
Wedding photographed takes hours upon hours of research, planning, photographing, & editing.  An average wedding looks like this:

  • Consultation Time: 1-2 hours + drive time
  • Booking: 30min - 1 hour communication and filing
  • Research on location: 2-5 hours 
  • Photograph: 8 on avg hours
  • Editing: 32 - 70 hours on average (I pay attention to every detail to make the image as perfect as possible)
  • Delivery: 2-3 hours for uploading and communication
  • Print Sales: ? Depends on how many people are ordering


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Packages range from $2800-$4200