ROGUE Film Co. Presents an Industrial Style Engagement, Denver, Colorado.

Zachary & Brian... Brian & Zachary... These two... Well... It's difficult to find the words. There are so many I could use. I'm going to let the photos do most of the talking... But...

When they first contacted me, based upon the way their email was written, I had put together this idea of who they were. Now days, we find ourselves in such a digital world that we forget to put our personality into anything written. That wasn't the case for Zachary & Brian. Our consultation was nothing short of fun, I felt as if I had met two long lost friends, not just clients. 

We chatted away about how they met, the little things that were signs of falling for each other, how it might be good to write things down sometimes, and how it definitely is ok to have a pup or two on the furniture. 

By the end of the consult, we had planned the engagement, a couple pieces that were going to be thrown together. And good lord, I must say, it turned out well... I can not wait for their wedding later this year, it's going to be phenomenal! Cheers!