ROGUE Film Co. Presents a Country-Side Engagement

Seth & Laci decided to give it a go and got engaged. Of course, for those of us who know them, we definitely expected it to happen... These two are meant for one another, when either walks in the other smiles. They fit together like peanut butter and jam. 

If you were to ask me which of them is the peanut butter and which is the jam, I'd tell you, "they make a PB&J so I'm not really sure". 

When I first met these two, years ago, I remember hearing Seth tell stories about this girl he was into. He used sentences like, "She's amazing" - "I'm so excited to get to know her" - "I can't wait to find out more about her STORY" - "Laci says..." Finally meeting her and getting to know her I realized he was right, she's awesome. Seth is a passionate, loving, intriguing, life-chasing, sweetheart. When it comes to love, I don't think there's anyone who'd disagree and say he hit the jackpot. 

Laci compliments Seth like he does her. They round one another out. Laci has spunk, passion, a drive for compassion, a lover of life, always up for a good conversation and will even teach you something if your up for it. Together, they are simple easy to be around. I doubt they could make anyone uncomfortable with how comfortable they make people feel. Seriously. 

They are folks you can rely on. AND... They make for some seriously awesome engagement photos. We went to a place off a road, walked down an abandoned railroad track, finished the session, walked back, got yelled at by a farmer, picked up a token for sentimental value and the rest is history. 

Ladies & Gentlemen, be excited... And enjoy the photographs!