Laurie + Jorge | Cheyenne Wyoming | Wedding


Laurie + Jorge,

When you think of a fun and loud wedding, this was the one. My clients were rowdy and sweet, sarcastic and loving, and just a hoot to be around. So much love exists between these two wonderful people and their families. During, I couldn’t help but reflect on my life and all of the people I’ve met because of their relationships.

They are so close with everyone. There was so much love to be given. It made me think of all of those holiday get togethers with my family growing up. Hearing my uncles jokes and his card tricks, my cousins quoting star wars and everyone being competitive over board games, the roaring laughter and the soft buzz of everyone talking and catching up. They were my favorite times to be honest.

It served as a reminder of how beautiful this life is and to remember to always cherish those who we surround ourselves with. Laurie & Jorge have this down without a doubt. They love with all of their hearts to one another, their family and their children.

I give my heart to my clients and do everything I can to give them the gift of their wedding day memories. As you all know, a memory may be strong but as time goes on we slowly forget. My job is to capture, commemorate and store those memories in a forever historical time capsule. A singular moment frozen for all eternity. For our children’s children to see.

Enjoy these beautiful photographs and remember to cherish your friends and family, cherish those moments, and when push comes to shove, document! Time is short and we never want to forget what we treasure most!