Jordan + Matt, Allenspark, Colorado


Jordan + Matt,

In the heart of Allenspark, Colorado. One man and one woman came together in holy matrimony under the blue skies, near the majestic mountains, and the deep green trees. Friends and family gathered near to witness... A hush fell across every person within a quarter mile as the two brought themselves together for eternity. 

Matt headstrong and witty, Jordan fun, sarcastic and equally as witty and possibly just as headstrong. Together, they are a force to be reckoned with... There is no greater love than that of one willing to lay it all on the line and the line they laid it. 

As a Wedding Photographer, I seriously had a great time with these two, their family, their friends, and all of the moments in between. I feel like laughter is so so important and I don't believe there were many moments without it. You guys are two peas in a pod and the macaroni to one anothers cheese. I wish you the best wishes, I know you'll last for the long haul, and never forget this day, that you both said... "I do"