Abe + Caroline | Longmont, CO Wedding


Abe + Caroline,

Where to start. They are rad, fun, sweet, nice, kind, funny, practically as close to wonderful as you can get. From the very start, from every conversation, I thoroughly looked forward to photographing their wedding day.

Abe & Caroline are the kind of people who you feel like you can be yourself with. They don’t judge, they are extremely understanding, outdoorsy, loving, gentle, etc… They’re in it to win it when it comes to their love. They don’t hold back and neither does their family or friends (who are basically family).

How about that toast from Dad! Anyone?

Everything was put together via these two and their family. No details left untouched as Caroline gave it her all to ensure a beautiful day. She should be a wedding planner. The worst, most hilarious moment of the day was when one of his best friends put on a horse costume and dragged the wagon for their, “send off” after the ceremony. He must have been dying, but he did it laughing and smiling.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a moment like it to match. At the end of the day, everyone and I do mean everyone was as kind as could be, very Texan if you will.

I imagine looking through these photos will show you exactly that, so please, do not hesitate to look through this great variety of works I chose for this blog! There are so many more to look through, so please, if you haven’t seen the gallery, make sure you touch base with Abe & Caroline about checking them out! They are beautiful.

How about that dress by the way? Caroline is a great example of how to choose your dress according to body type, everyone oooo’d and awee’d at the the site of her, very graceful! And of course, Abe, goodness, the dashing hero dapper like gentlemen to suit her.

It doesn’t get much better! Cheers!