ROGUE Film Co. Presents a Country Wedding in Colorado


RC + Sierra,

This wedding was beautiful, these two, beautiful, their love, beautiful... I can't say enough about how BEAUTIFUL this day was! Their wedding was scheduled around RC coming back home and was thrown into a frenzy to pull everything together quickly. Sierra & her mom went to town to make everything happen and happen it did!

It was held at Spruce Mountain Ranch in Monument, Colorado. The day was fun, getting ready was a blast and finally, when Sierra walked down the isle, you could hear folks holding their breath, daring not to breathe. 

Love is precious and something worth being patient on. RC is a man of patience and he has my respect for that, they waited until he was coming home to stay before taking the leap. He was an old fashioned gentlemen to a degree in the way he courted Sierra. I believe because of that, Sierra only could love him more. Their relationship is an adventure that they have played out one day at a time and will for the rest of their lives and this fantastic journey together. 

When they have their 5, 6, 7, or 8 kids, because they want a lot, I bet it will be a household full of laughter and love. 

Congratulations you two, forever is in your path.