ROGUE Film Co. Presents a Lifestyle Boho Photography Session in Fort Collins, Colorado.


Michie + Jonathan,

These two got married some time back, so this isn’t an engagement session. This is a lifestyle session starting in my Jeep and ending on a cliff with two seriously rad people. As a wedding photographer or what I prefer to be called a Lifestyle Photographer, it’s thoroughly enjoyable to get to set the stage, especially with two love birds who have the right chemistry. One of the few reasons I love being a Colorado Photographer, is the versatile landscape. There’s so much more than pine trees!

Michie & Jonathan just recently purchased a house, and what better than to get some photographs taken to fill that new wall space! I had so much fun editing and doing this session.

Something that I would imagine people don’t know about me is that I will painstakingly re-edit entire albums to make sure the photographs have the right look and feel. I’ll edit everything, take a day, look at it, and if something feels amiss I’ll just go ahead and do it all over again. I want to make sure that each and every photograph commemorates the genuine moments accurately and timelessly. It’s a blessing and a curse! It gives me the opportunity as a photographer to absolutely go bananas on someones photo until the point it’s perfect, but… I’ll end up staying up many many nights thinking about it!

At the end of the day, I think it was worth it! These photographs turned out exactly as I had hoped and I hope they love them just as much! To all of Michie & Jonathan’s family and friends, you all have done such a great job at supporting this couple, they are still just as in love as the day they married (I’d dare say tremendously more). They have continued to show one another their hearts and neither of them have taken that for granted. They are forever, they are real, and they are absolutely amazing people. Cheers!