ROGUE Film Co. Presents a Whimsical Engagement in Lyons, Colorado.


Rachael + Chris,

How do I love them, let me count the ways... I love them to the depths and breaths of that phrase. They are a blast! As a wedding photographer, top 10 in the world (or should be) I absolutely love and adore when my clients are willing to risk life imprisonment to get a one of kind, unique, photograph, that most people are just too afraid to do. 

Of course, by now, you're probably asking... What?! Just look at the photographs my friends, you'll see why. 

I could go on, but what is there to say that can't be seen. These two are fun, loving, they have that wow factor, good ol' chemistry, I hardly had to direct (ok a little, hands guys, hands...) and they make each other smile, blush, and feel sexy like a chocolate strawberry on a hot summer day.

Ok, Enjoy these photographs! Cheers!