ROGUE Film Co. Presents a Modest Boho Wedding in Littleton, Colorado.


Matt + Britni,

As a Colorado Wedding Photographer I really enjoy photographing people who are in love, who are sincere, who have wholesome loving hearts, who want to move mountains and rock the boat. Matt & Britni, love one another and would do anything to bring about joy for the other. This wedding beautiful and filled with beautiful friends and family. All of which have supported these two since they met. 

It's very clear how much love they have. 

This wedding was held at the Sanctuary in Littleton. We thought the day was going to be cold and cloudy, but there was a different idea at hand, cloudless and bright! 

Tears filled the place, soft spoken words about how cute they are together, and loud cheers for the triumphant moments. 

Love is about patience, kindness, support, etc... They have it. Congratulations you two, enjoy your lives together and never look back!